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My name is


(I know I know - it looks intimidating but you got it.)

I’m a web developer whose curiosity brought him into this field and is also keeping him here. I remember vividly in 2019 walking to the bathroom at my job and I happened to walk past the developers desk. I immediately stopped in my tracks at the sight of what looked liked colorful gibberish on his laptop and I had to ask what it was. He then introduced me to the world of coding and it truly piqued my interest. From then on, I started doing my own research, taking courses and really began my journey to web development. After a year and a half of trying to do things myself, I realized I needed community to keep me grounded and focused. So I joined a bootcamp in 2021 and the rest is history.

I have spent the past years delivering high quality code within established deadlines while adhering to industry best practices and shipping products successfully to clients. I have also taken much time through education, up-skilling and consistent practice to equip myself with relevant skills, expertise and modern software knowledge required to thrive in this field. My current and past experiences on teams have taught me how to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams throughout the development lifecycle, ensuring seamless integration and delivery of software products. My experience as a freelancer has also empowered me to work independently as the lead on multiple projects simultaneously while honing my ability to articulate development processes effectively to clients. If there’s one thing bootcamp taught me - other than equipping me with a strong foundation, it’s resilience. Pushing through against all odds no matter what and making sure to serve up a successful launch.

In my spare time, I like sharing content to encourage others making their way through their web development journey and using my story to let them know, they too can make the change they are seeking. Below are a few fun facts about me.

Fun Facts

Fun Fact 1

My name originates from
Ghana, West Africa, and it
means “Gods gift”.

Fun Fact 2

I play drums, keys and
bass. My favorite and most
preferred is the drums.

Fun Fact 3

I’m a twin - fraternal so we
look nothing alike.

Fun Fact 4

I married my highschool
sweetheart and I'm a girl dad!