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Journey through a curated selection of my work, each project highlighting my skills, expertise, and passion for innovation.

Stratus Surfaces

  • Used WordPress to tailor themes and plugins, providing versatile site management capabilities and ensuring adaptability to evolving needs.
  • Utilized PHP to develop interactive buttons, enabling users to navigate to various pages within the site or external links with ease.
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St. Augustine Distillery

  • Created and maintained engaging blog posts, delivering valuable content and insightful information to foster active engagement and knowledge shared among site visitors.
  • Deployed live websites using SiteGround hosting services to enhance performance, ensuring fast loading times.
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College Of Eastern Idaho

  • Tested Drupal backend functionalities, ensuring the ability to create pages and manage alerts effectively.
  • Conducted quality assurance checks to maintain website functionality and user standards. Additionally, utilized Drupal to develop and implement features for an intuitive user interface.
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City Of Vancouver Washington

  • Maintained blog post functionalities enabling timely publication of important updates and news for the community.
  • Conducted testing of various forms validating user inputs to ensure data accuracy, enhancing user experience and data integrity.
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Left Cost Wholesale

  • Implemented timely updates and enhancements to maintain website security and visual appeal by ensuring the themes remained up to date.
  • Developed custom plugins and modules for the website's CMS to extend its functionality and meet specific business requirements.
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Collin Medical & Wellness Group

  • Enhanced mobile responsiveness, catering to a wider audience, and improving usability across devices.
  • Streamlined content management processes, making it easier for administrators to update and maintain the website.
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